Popular Thai Snacks

It’s probably hard to believe that in between all of the tasty Thai dishes we consume each day that we have room to snack, but somehow we manage it – we burn a lot of calories on our food walking tours so we need something to keep our energy levels up!

One of our favourites is a snack called Miang Kum – tiny dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, chopped red chillis, galangal/ginger, garlic, unsweetened coconut and a splash of fish sauce and lime are all wrapped up in a banana leaf – delicious! And it is hard to stop at just one!

We recently blogged about “food on a stick” – these too are very popular for curbing stomach pangs between meals, be it from Isaan sausage, to barbecued pork to chicken satay. Make sure you read our full post here in case you missed it.

Many Thai foods have a Chinese influence, as people of Chinese descent were many of the first settlers in the Kingdom. We highly recommend you try Khanom Chip (we often call them Siu Mai in English). Effectively these are Chinese steamed dumplings – and they are delicious! If you try a green dumpling, it will be filled with a mixture of minced pork and crab meat – all of the others are simply minced pork.

The last but not least – Karipap the curry puff. These deep fried pastry shells traditionally contain a mixture of chicken and potato curry but guess what? We happen to know where the street vendor selling the best curry puffs in Bangkok is located, and even better it’s one of the stops on our tour, so you can try them for yourself! The stall we visit goes one step further with the curry puff, and you will have the opportunity of trying not only a traditional one should you so wish, but also mushroom, taro, black sesame and vegetable. This stall is often deemed to be one of the most popular stops on our tour.

curry puff bangkokcurry puff bangkok

Of course, traditional Thai snacks also cater for those who have a sweet tooth. The literal translation for Foi Thong is “golden threads”. It is strips of egg yolk boiled in a sugar syrup. It almost looks too pretty and delicate to eat, but do, and again – we give you the opportunity of trying this delicious snack on our tour! Khanom Tom are traditional Thai sweets made of rice powder, coconut milk, grated coconut, sugar and flavourings, all boiled together and moulded to form balls which are then covered with more grated coconut.

Another popular sweet Thai snack, which we confess to sometimes having for our breakfast if we are in a particularly naughty mood, is Kluay Khaek/Kluay Tod or as we say smiling, deep fried bananas! These again feature on our tour – the stall we take you too always has an extremely long line – always a good indicator that it is a stall worth visiting! Although this is perhaps not the healthiest of snacks, the batter used to coat the bananas is so light and crispy you can justify the indulgence!

fried banana bangkok

And these just form the tip of the iceberg! We could sit and type away all day about our favourite Thai snacks – share with us your favourites?

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