Top 3 Thai Food Apps

Hey food lovers, what’s ‘appening? Here’s how to put some delicious Thai food at your fingertips…

It’s no secret that we believe that Thailand is home of some of the best food in the world. With all that flavour and variety, we want to eat it, cook it and share it all day every day. It’s also obvious to anyone visiting Bangkok that the inhabitants of this city love their smartphones. On trains, in malls, in restaurants and even on the backs of motorbikes, you will see people glued to their screens – that is, if you look up from your own long enough.

So here we have combined two national pastimes in our top three Thai food apps for your phone – whether you’re on android or iOS:

I’m feeling culinary

If you’re feeling a little creative, or perhaps you’ve been inspired by a Taste of Thailand Food Tour and you fancy trying your hand at a few delicious Thai dishes, check out:

Thai Food & Recipes
By Quantis, inc.
Thai Food & Recipes
Price: $1.99
Thai Food & Recipes

Clear and intuitive, this app is informative and easy to navigate; it has mouthwatering photos to accompany more than 500 videos showing you how to cook your favourite dishes. The content is updated daily and contains a wiki library – a treasure trove of information about food and drink from the Land of Smiles with which you can impress your dinner party guests.

I’m feeling confused

Sometimes, though, you’d rather sit back and let the experts do the work so you can enjoy authentic Thai food, made with Thai know-how. But what if you’ve got a craving for something special, maybe you’re off the tourist path, and you want to (or have to) order it in Thai – you know, so they know you’re really serious about Thai food. In that case, try…

Talking Thai Food App
By G. & K. Graphics P/L
Price: $1.99
Talking Thai Food App

Search more than 130 dishes grouped usefully by category, with great photos labeled with Thai script and a phonetic English translation. There’s even an audio function that you can use to practice your pronunciation or, if all else fails, play to the restaurant staff.

I’m feeling lazy

And then there are the days when you would rather discuss politics with a Bangkok taxi driver than leave your house. Isn’t there some way that yummy goodness could be brought directly to you… on your couch? Time to call the panda.
Food Panda
By… well, Food Panda
Price: Free
Food Panda

Hugely popular in Bangkok as well as in many other cities, Food Panda has an exhaustive list of restaurants from which you can order your favourite dishes. Of course, you are not limited to Thai food, but because we are in Thailand and can’t get enough of it – Food Panda is a great alternative when you’re even too lazy to pop around the corner for some good street food! Set up your account and Food Panda remembers your order, any customisations you make (go on, get extra cheese) and multiple addresses so it’s easy to be lazy time and time again


Do you use any of these apps? Share your favourites with us!

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