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Taste of Thailand Care Packages

Let’s make the best of this downtime, stay-at-home, low season or whatever you choose to call it, by sharing some Thailand love!

We’ve put together some of our favourite things, all Thai products, in two neat little care packages to send to your friends (or treat yourself)! Products are sourced from our tour vendors, partners and friends along with a few neat finds!

The best part? Each box not only helps support local business, it gives back, by nourishing the community. Taste of Thailand will make a donation to our favorite charities and friends doing good by cooking for those in Bangkok who are in need. Every box sold = 2 meals donated.


* ฿ – THB (currency of Thailand)



We Love Thailand Box

Suggested for: Cooks, Foodies & all-around Thailand Fans 

A carefully crafted selection of tastes, scents and sauces to give you that essence of Thailand, brought right to your door! Some items included are: a selection of Thai sauces and pastes made fresh by our friends at the Courageous Kitchen, one of our tour vendors’ world-famous soy sauce, royal project honey, tea/coffee and a few little surprise extras thrown in for fun! We’ve even thrown in our favorite tote bag using the traditional Pa Khao Ma cloth.

Chill Chill Relax Box

Suggested for: Yogis, Meditation buffs, fans of relaxation, and anyone who wants a bit of Thailand chill chill  in their life!

This selection is chosen just to help you chill chill, as we say in Thailand.  We’ve put together some of our favorite scents, soap, lotion and tea with honey for your relaxation pleasure.  Throw in some typically Thai balms and massage tools and you’ve got a recipe for a very chill day at home (or wherever you may be)!  All of this colorfully balanced with a mask and tote bag using the traditional Pa Khao Ma cloth.

Good to Know

  • All boxes are ordered by choosing a delivery date and a time window (10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm)
  • Deliveries will be handled by a local motorbike delivery service.
  • Due to current restrictions, we are only able to deliver within central Bangkok.
  • If you would like to make arrangements for delivery beyond central Bangkok, please email or call us at +66 91 571 7701 prior to purchase, and we’ll try to arrange it for you!
  • Images shown are sample boxes and items may be substituted, based on availability.