Tao Teung

A Unique Thai-Hainanese Dessert

Tao Teung : A Unique Thai-Hainanese Dessert


Tao Teung or Tao Teung Yen (cold) is a Hainanese dessert featuring Boi Kia,  glutinous rice flour dumplings and many other things from cooked beans to water chestnuts to Chinese grass jelly to candied tubers to fresh jackfruit- all served in the same bowl with brown sugar syrup and crushed ice. The various ingredients lend the dessert a range of textures and different levels of sweetness.  




You can find this treat out on the street at food stalls across the city.  For those not used to Asian desserts, it may look a bit odd at first, but do give it a try.  Tao Teung is a great way to cool off after a day of sightseeing or on a break from the office!


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