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Chinese New Year : Places to visit in Bangkok

It’s Chinese New Year – what a great time to enjoy the tastes of sites of Bangkok’s Chinatown! Located in the Yaowaraj district of Bangkok, Chinatown is full of Chinese traditional shops, foods, and flavor. Chinese New Year is one of the most vibrant events in Thailand. It’s widely celebrated all over the country.  The …


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Low Fat Thai Foods for New Year 2016

Are you a health conscious foodie? Do you love to eat Thai food? Do you want to begin your food journey with “Low Fat” Thai Foods for this year?Then we have written this blog article  for you! Thai foods are a great choice for the diet-conscious and those who love to keep fit. Personally, I …


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Thailand National Children’s Day (Wan Dek)

Children are the future of a country and in Thailand, they are considered the most valuable resource of the nation. There is a Thai saying that states, “Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous.” Like other countries, Thailand observes National Children’s Day (Thai: วันเด็กแห่งชาติ), celebrated here …


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Don’t Waste Your Food!

  Can we imagine how many foods are being wasted every year throughout the world? According to a recent report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), about one-third of all food produced worldwide, worth around US$1 trillion, gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems. The amount of food lost or wasted …


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A Culinary Journey with Gaggan Anand

In June, CNN’s ‘Culinary Journeys’ follows Chef Gaggan Anand of Bangkok’s Gaggan, as he takes us on a Culinary Journey to his home town, Kolkata in India. Anand has seasoned his reputation in Bangkok, one of the world’s culinary capitals. His eponymous restaurant in the Thai capital reinvigorates Indian cuisine by incorporating modernist cooking techniques. …


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3 of our Favourite Foodie Floating Markets

Travellers dreaming of Bangkok often have a visit to one of the city’s many floating markets high on their list of must-dos. Yet floating markets in and around the Thai capital offer more than the obvious photo opportunity of the canal-based traffic jams of Thailand’s past. Many are also prime eating territory, serving up the …


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Our New Food Walking Tour Around Bangkok’s Chinatown

You might have already seen our exciting announcement via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but if you missed it… we have launched our latest walking food tour in Bangkok’s Chinatown! The Chinatown Food Crawl initially runs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as the sun sets and the streets come to life! This vibrant area is touted …


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Popular Bangkok Attraction: Wat Arun

Wat Arun is one of the most famous and most loved temples in Bangkok, and with good reason. It is certainly one of our favourites in the city. The full name of the temple is Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan named after the Hindu god Aruna. Built in the Khmer style, Wat Arun features a central prang …


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Five Different Ways To Travel Around Bangkok

There are various different ways to travel around Bangkok, either by joining one of the more unique tour groups (such as our own of course!) or by using one of the many forms of public transport. Each brings with it fun and a guarantee of an experience. This is our pick of the best ways …


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Where To Spend Valentine’s Day 2015 In Bangkok

Just in case you have missed the red heart displays in window shops and the tables full of heart shaped boxes of chocolates we have a newsflash for you: Valentine’s Day is on 14 February and it’s the day of the year you are expected to go overboard in showing your nearest and dearest how …


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How To Spend 48 Hours In Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city, with everything from historical temples, to green leafy parks , to the most fantastic markets to some of the best food you will have the chance to experience for pennies. Day One Insider Tip: Book a hotel in walking distance to a BTS station or ensure your hotel has a …


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Focus on Thai Dishes: Pad Krapao

A real Thai classic Pad Krapao ( which means basil stir-fry) topped with, or served over, a crispy fried egg with a slightly runny yolk. Most of the street vendors around Thailand will serve krapao as it is a very popular lunchtime dish – indeed it is a joke in many offices when you don’t know …


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Best (alternative) rooftop bars in Bangkok

The lights! The sights! The dizzying feeling of being on top of the world! Everyone loves a rooftop and Bangkok is full of them. It seems like every fancy hotel has a swanky bar at its summit, from the excruciatingly elegant (and aptly named) Vertigo at Banyan Tree to the achingly chic Park Society at …


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Gin Jay? Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival 2014

The Vegetarian Festival is a bright and lively celebration held over a nine-day period in September/October. The Chinese community consider that abstaining from during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will be rewarded with good health and serenity. As is typical with many Chinese festivals, the origin of the Vegetarian Festival is not …


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Where Should I Stay in Bangkok?

Contrary to many popular travel destinations, there is not one “central” district of Bangkok – there are several. This can cause tourists who have never visited the city something of a conundrum when trying to decide where to stay. Here is our rough guide to the main areas of the city: Sukhumvit This is the …


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Because in Bangkok, when it rains, it pours!

In Thailand, the Rain Gods take a holiday from November and leave us all in sunny peace. Come April, when we’re all being melted to the pavement, they start having one or two occasional days in the office and by June, they’re pretty much clocking-in full time. The downpours are foreshadowed with an ominous gathering …


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Top 3 Thai Food Apps

Hey food lovers, what’s ‘appening? Here’s how to put some delicious Thai food at your fingertips… It’s no secret that we believe that Thailand is home of some of the best food in the world. With all that flavour and variety, we want to eat it, cook it and share it all day every day. …


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Top Five Thai Beaches & Islands

In addition to its food, Thailand is perhaps most well known for having some of the prettiest beaches in the world. When we aren’t busy eating, we love nothing better than heading out of Bangkok and hitting the beach to relax. But with so many to choose from, where are the best beaches and islands in …


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Our Favourite Bangkok Food Blogs

At Taste of Thailand, we love sharing with you not only food we discover and sample as part of our tour, but also the history of Thai food and some popular Thai dishes and how they are made. We are also big fans of reading other blogs – there are some amazing food blogs in …


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Our Favourite Thai Curries

Thai curry is made from paste, coconut milk or water and then seafood/meat/poultry/vegetables and fresh herbs are added. Thai curries differ from their Indian cousins thanks to their use of fresh ingredients like herbs and aromatic leaves rather than spices. Common ingredients of curry pastes are: – Chillies (the type of curry will determine whether dried …


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