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Vendor Spotlight: Prachak Ped Yang (Roasted Duck)

Interview with Khun Panisa Mahasirimongkol, who has stepped up to take the lead from her dad, Sanguan Mahasirimongkol the owner of Prachak Ped Yang- a legendary institution famous for roasted duck.  Sanguan Mahasirimongkol- who remains very much active at Prachak Ped Yang – How long has Prachak Ped Yang been here? This shop opened in 1909, so …


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Chinatown Food Crawl: Photo Blog

It’s no wonder that Chinatown Food Crawl is one of our most visited food tour hotspots. This week we came up with an idea to share some cool photos from our Chinatown food tour. Hope you will enjoy these!     Foodies enjoying their evening tour in Yaowrat, Chinatown It’s all about the juice! Can …


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Guide Spotlight Interview: Khun Khwan

Food Specialist & Tour guide, K. Khwan   Tour guides are the heart of our food tour business and recently Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to sit down with our guide Khun Woody to find out a little bit more about her. -Where are you from originally? -Bangkok.  -Great! How long have you been …


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The Humble Khao Man Gai  – Simple Dish, Big Flavor

Khao Man Gai is often called the Thai variation of Hainanese Chicken Rice. It’s very unique to Thai cuisine, however, as on its own, it is free of spice or any additional flavors, unlike most Thai dishes. It is however, very popular! Khao Man Gai literally means rice oily chicken in Thai. The water used …


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Vendor Spotlight: Fish cakes (Thod man pla-graay)

      We had a chance to talk with Khun Wilai, Owner of Fish Cake business What is your name? – My name is Khun Wilai. How long has the fish cake business been here? – It has been 30 years! Please tell us little about your business? – Catching featherback fish has been the profession of my husband’s …


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Riz at the Border:  A Photo Blog at Chong Chom Market

Location: Surin-Chong Chom Road, Ban Dan Phatthana | Dan subdistrict,  Kap Choeng, Thailand Similar to many markets around the Northeast, Isaan, Chong Chom border market is a local market where you can find many things to buy from children’s toys to electrical goods. During my recent visit to my in-law’s house, I visited this market along with my wife …


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Guide Spotlight Interview: Khun Woody

Food Specialist &Tour guide, K. Woody.Natthapong.Sirikunopakarn   Tour guides are the heart of our food tour business and recently Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to sit down with our guide Khun Woody to find out a little bit more about him. -Where are you from originally? -Bangkok.  My actual birthplace is nearby the location …


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Insects: Alternative Source of Proteins

Full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals – yes, all of these benefits can come from different types of insects around us.  Though some of them look extremely scary, many of them are edible and pack quite a nutritious punch! Thailand is one of those countries where eating insects is common. If you visit …


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Cooking with Boonsap: Our Newest Adventure!

Recently, the Taste of Thailand Team spend a lovely day cooking with our friends at Boonsap Thai Desserts, one of our tasty vendors we visit on our Village of Love Tours.  This new adventure, Cooking with Boonsap, will not only have you tasting amazing Thai food, but cooking it yourself!  Of course we had to …


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Neighborhood Chronicles: Phayathai

Some days, you just trust a 10 year-old to show you where to go.   This was one of those days.   There was no food in the house and no grocery store in sight.  I listened to my daughter plead to allow her to take me on a guided tour of the backstreets of …


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Taste of Thailand Vendor Spotlight: Canton House

We had a chance to talk with Khun Pithan, General manager of Canton House Restaurant What’s your name? – My name is Pithan Ngamjan-ut(คุณพิทาน งามจันอัด), General manager. How long have you worked here? – I have worked here 12 years, but Canton House has already been around for 15 years. What is the most favorite …


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Taste of Thailand: 10th Best Thai Food Blog

We are very pleased to announce that the Taste of Thailand Food Tours Blog has been listed as one of the top 30 Thai Food Blogs onFeedspot! You can find the list here:http://blog.feedspot.com/thai_food_blogs/ We ranked 10th, wow! ​ Taste of Thailand Food Tours is not simply a food tour, it’s also a place to learn …


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Guide Spotlight Interview: Khun Thee

We would love to introduce our tour guides as professional storytellers!  Why? Because storytelling plays a major role in Taste of Thailand Food Tours. In fact, Thailand is a country with rich historical and cultural heritage. Bangkok is one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Asia but it also has a lot of tourist attractions …


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Thai Sauce Spotlight: Nam Prik Kapi

Sauces and condiments are widely used in Thai cuisine. They add extra flavor and spice to all types of dishes from noodles to stir-fries after they are cooked and presented. Today we are going to highlight, Nam Prik Kapi, which is actually more of a dip.  It is made with fermented shrimp paste, chilies, and …


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Celebrating Songkran at The Local Temple

Songkran is upon us and we’re all feeling the heat here in Bangkok.  But behind all the water fights and parties, there are the basic Thai rituals that have traditionally been a part of the Songkran holiday:  merit-making and paying respect to your elders.  Here is our homage to the quieter side of Songkran, in …


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Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train

The Thai New Year, or Songkran, is coming up and is celebrated widely here in Thailand, mainly from 13-15 April. It’s hot here at this time of year and everyone is setting their sights on a nice break from work for a few days and if lucky enough, an escape from the city. We thought …


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Taste of Thailand Food Tours Guide Spotlight: Khun Jah

Food Specialist &Tour guide, K. Jah Tour guides are the heart of our food tour business and recently Taste of Thailand had this opportunity to sit down with our guide KhunJah to find out a little bit more about her. -Where are you from originally? -Nakonpathom (City of the Great Stupa),which is a peaceful city …


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The Mighty Mayong-chit: A Must Try Summer Fruit!

In Thailand, certain fruits are available seasonally, such as durian, mangosteen, longan, lychee, and mango.  Thais look forward to savouring these delectable treats and often tend to go overboard, enjoying them to the maximum.  Mayong- chit, is no exception!  However, you will have to act quickly as it’s season lasts only a few weeks from …


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Taste of Thailand Vendor Spotlight: Bae Sun Li Dessert Chinatown

Bae Sun LiDessert is a well-known pastry shop located at the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat.  Taste of Thailand Food Tours had the opportunity to sit with KhunMonthon, the shop owner last week where he told us about his shop and pastry business. -Good afternoon KhunMonthon! – Hello, I am MontonAsavajindajitra, I am the owner …


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Celebrating Bangkok’s Spots on the 50 Best List, 2017

Bangkok is famous for nightlife, shopping, and plenty of amazing food!You can find great eats from the low budget to the extreme in price.  Once only know for local, traditional Thai specialties, Bangkok has now taken its place on the global food stage because of its variety in cuisine and experimental restaurants creating fresh new …


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