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Tolerance of Religion in Thailand

Thailand is home to many different religions and ethnic groups and they all coexist peacefully. Religion continues to be a part of Thai culture and locals and immigrants enjoy religious freedom in every aspect of life. As you may have guessed, the main religion practiced in Thailand is Buddhism, but there are significant numbers of …


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Wang Hinghoi – A Unique, Hidden Dining Experience

We at Taste of Thailand are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enjoy the incredible flavors of Thai food, so when we heard about the soft-opening of Wang Hinghoi or Palace of the Fireflies, we jumped at the chance to see what it was all about! Temporarily located in a completely …


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Authentic Thai Recipe:Thai Chicken Sticky Soup with Broccoli

Tasty Thai food Alert! Today we will learn how to cook your own homemade Thai dish. You might have enjoyed another dish that is similar Kao Ob Gai (Thai Chicken in Gravy over Rice). This dish is perfect for when you want to cook something delicious and healthy at home.       Preparation: 1. …


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Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

Like many other international holidays, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by residents and tourists in Thailand.  Shopping malls and restaurants will offer special discounts; even the ice cream parlors offer special Valentine flavors! Bangkok turns pink with heart-shaped gifts, chocolates, red roses and gift cards found at shops everywhere. Even in the local 7-11’s get in …


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The Land of Food and Drinks, Thailand

Thailand is a food heaven and it’s very rare to find foodies who try Thai food who don’t come back craving more. Even Spiderman and Aunt May ‘larb’ it!  You may remember the Prachaya Thai restaurant scene from the movie Spiderman Homecoming where Peter Parker and Aunt May were enjoying Larb dishes with a glass …


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Chinese Moon Cakes: Not a Fortune Cookie

Chinese moon cakes are a very popular bakery product around Southeast Asia. It’s a round sweet cake that comes in a variety of different flavors including red beans, sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds, and egg. The decorative crust is made from a dough based on lard or vegetable oil. There are also more rare options that …


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Discover a hidden side of Bangkok and beat the traffic

Bangkok traffic is a part of the daily struggle when you need to move about the city. The most common way to avoid the traffic is to use public transport via the BTS, MRT or Airport Link lines. During rush hour, these three train lines often are overcrowded as well. If you want to save …


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Neighborhood Chronicles: Sammakorn

This is a brief look into a little-known suburb of Bangkok called Sammakorn. Bangkok’s suburbs extend out far beyond the major sites that most visitors experience during their 2-3 days in town.  Located between downtown and the international airport off Ramkamhaeng Soi 112, this neighborhood is composed of a diverse mix of Thai and foreign …


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Taste of Thailand ‘s Year in Review: 2017

Happy New Year 2018 to our foodie friends all over the world! May this New Year bring peace and prosperity, and of course, delicious food adventures! We have 365 blank pages of an amazing book in front of us to be filled with adventure and delicious food in 2018, but we can’t help but look …


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How to Eat Thai Food, Like a Thai!

For anyone who visits Thailand for the first time, you might wonder:  where is the knife?  Well, in Thai cuisine, there is little need for it, as most dishes include bite-sized pieces with no need for cutting.  As well, you might notice that the Thais use the spoon & fork to eat most everything!  At …


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Soup Neua: Delicious Thai Beef Soup

Looking for something different? Perhaps a tasty dish that will also warm you as the cool breezes have finally hit Thailand this winter?  Why not try a beautiful bowl of beef soup? One of the amazing things about Thai food is the endless choice.  Besides the sheer number of Thai dishes out there, there is …


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Michelin Guide arrives in Bangkok and awards street food vendors!

Sampling of Thai dishes Just in time for 2018, the famed French publishing company, Michelin, has launched its guide to the best restaurants and street food vendors in Bangkok. Michelin has recognized Bangkok as one of the world’s best food destination with recognition for a total of 98 restaurants of which 28 were street vendors. …


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Taste of Thailand’s Newest Experience: Dinner Under the Stars

Last month, Taste of Thailand was thrilled to finally launch a new experience; completely different from anything we have done before.  This first event in the My City series was an effort to get locals and visitors alike to engage with new parts of Bangkok they didn’t know existed.  As well, to hear stories and …


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The Origin of Thai Tea Pulling (Cha Chak/Teh Tarik)

The reason you should switch to tea! Enjoyed by all ages! Because of the many coffee and tea street stalls dotted around the streets of Thailand, you will never be without proper caffeination. Following the Chinese revolution and the defeat of the Kuomintang (KMT) by the Chinese communist party in 1949, thousands of KMT soldiers …


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Top 5 Thai Street Foods & How to Order Them

Spoiler: This delicious blog and the photos will make you hungry. Read at your own risk. Bangkok just might be the Street Food Capital of the world based on the large variety of Thai and other foods available on any of its bustling streets. Thai foods are the most common that you will come across …


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The Top 5 Activities as Winter is Coming in Thailand

Winter is coming is the motto of House Stark in the HBO hit Game of Thrones. It’s become quite popular as a meme spreading throughout social media. As you may have guessed when you saw the weather forecast, Winter has finally arrived in Thailand! After the long and drawn out summer, Bangkokians and its visitors …


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Pak KhlongTalat: A hidden gem that is always open

The best spot in Thailand to find Flowers from all around the world. Flowers are considered sacred and they play an important role in weddings and religious ceremonies in Thailand. The tropical nature of the country allows the flowers to be as diverse as they are beautiful.  There are many types of flowers that grow …


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Popular breakfast foods in Thailand

When you are visiting Thailand you will find that Western-style breakfasts are not very common. It is a good idea to manage your expectations that you may not find toasted bread, scrambled eggs, sausages, French toast, or a bowl of your favorite cereal with milk at the breakfast table. With the exception of hotels and …


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What to expect if visiting Thailand this October

Thailand has entered the final month of the official mourning period as the anniversary of the death of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the royal funeral are approaching. There are some closures around Bangkok that you should know about before making plans, or if you already have plans it is advised that you check …


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Essential Thai Phrases

You will find yourself shopping on the street for many things including flowers, souvenirs, and of course food.   Despite Thailand’s role as a major transit hub for travellers across the world (in fact, Bangkok is the world’s most visited city two years in a row according to Forbes), English is not as pervasive as …


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