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The Jae Festival in Thailand

The Thai Vegetarian festival, locally known as the Jae Festival, is a nine-day vegetarian food festival celebrated all over Thailand. It is also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  Jae, is actually even more strict than straight-forward vegetarianism or veganism. Besides staying away from meat or animal products, pungent-odour vegetables are not used in …


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Taste of Thailand Guide Spotlight: Khun Katy

Tour guides are the heart of our food tour business and Taste of Thailand team love to give them a little love in our special Guide Spotlight blog series. Today’s blog we will introduce you to Khun Katy.   Where are you from originally? Chiang Rai- it is a city in Northern Thailand. It has …


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Is it good to eat spicy foods?

There are some common myths surrounding eating spicy foods, such as that they cause heartburn (which they don’t, though they may worsen it) or that they may give you ulcers. No need to listen to spicy myths, there’s a ton of research out there that points to spicy foods as having some great health benefits! …


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Cuisine Curious: Thai Fruit Seasoning Dips

Fruit vendors are a major mainstay of the street food culture here in Bangkok and all over Thailand.  The amazing array of tropical fruits available make it easy to grab them morning, day or night for a quick refreshing and healthy treat!  Often some of the longest lines for street food are for the fruit …


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Surprise Bangkok: Chalermla Park

So, last week, we took you to one of our favorite hidden spots, the canal walk near Hua Chang bridge (Saphan Hua Chang).  The graffiti writing there is fantastic! But guess what? There is another sister-spot right nearby which is also teaming with amazing graffiti artwork:  Chalermla Park. Renovated by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) …


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Surprise Bangkok: Hua Chang River Walk

Every so often, when walking, driving or speeding around Bangkok on a train, bus, car or even motorcycle, you may have come across a muddy looking canal running straight through the center of the city.  Now, there are many canals that do this, however, the Saen Saep canal is famous! It’s the one that always …


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Benjakiti Park: An Oasis in the City

Every so often, we just need a break from the concrete jungle, traffic and extreme heat along the streets of Bangkok.  However, you need not travel far in order to find an escape. Just a few minute walk from the busy Asok intersection, BTS and MRT lines, is Benjakiti Park.  It may be small by …


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Solo Travel Hack: Self-Guided Tours

People often ask, is Bangkok safe for solo travelers? We’d say an overwhelming, yes! As long as you have your wits about you and now how to travel safely, Bangkok is an easy city to enjoy solo. The people are so friendly and helpful and really do enjoy talking to visitors. Public transportation is readily …


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Vendor Spotlight: Khun Tai- Miang Kham Vendor

Vendor Details Name: Hatairat Rungrotchokdee (Tai) Originally From: Kampaeng Phet Favorite Food: Somtum For me, Bangkok is: Crowded My Favorite Place in Bangkok: Bangrak Neighborhood Main Quote: My aim is to offer simple, fresh and healthy food. Khun Tai grew up in a family of foodies, of which her grandmother was the head chef with …


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Neighborhood Spotlight: Bangrak

Nestled next to the Chao Praya or “River of Kings”, Bangrak is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the Big Mango. “Bang” in Thai means Village and “Rak” means Love—as such, you may hear Bangrak referred to as the “Village of Love”. There are other theories on how this area got its name. It …


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July in Thailand: Why So Much Yellow?

You may wonder, why has everyone in the streets, offices and malls around Thailand are dressed in yellow shirts?  Well, here’s why: All Thais knows their exact birth day of the week, i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc…. It’s related to Buddhist belief (and based on Hindu mythology) that there is a different God who protects …


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It’s Raining Again:  5 Reasons To Love the Rainy Season!

Now we all know that rainy season means more traffic, grey skies and wet shoes, however, there are many upsides to this May – October season in Thailand.  We’d like to take a look at some of the positives of this time of the year, so here are our top 5 Reasons To Love the …


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Top Delicious Thai Sweets to Buy at Thailand’s 7-11

In our last 7-11 episode, we wrote about the seven awesome snacks available in Thailand’s myriad 7-11 shops. Many of our blog readers liked it and that inspired us to continue our 7-11 saga to delve in and explore our local ‘seven’ to see what other treats we could find. The best part, is that …


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Thai Spirit Houses

Thailand is a majority Buddhist country with amazing golden temples and Buddhist heritage architecture. But you may wonder what are those little buildings in front of your apartment or nearby restaurants? They look almost like miniature temples on pedestals. However, these are Spirit houses, also called San Phra Phum in Thai. San means shrine and …


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Northeast Flavour: Surin Prasat Market

Once in awhile, we are able to escape the big city of Bangkok, and often our social media intern, Riz, will head to Surin province, in the southern part of Northeast Thailand to visit friends and family.  Life is slower and it’s nice to see a bit of the real Thai life happening outside the …


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Khanom Khrok: A Unique Street Treat

Khanom Khrok, or Thai coconut pancakes or pudding, are a delicious, mouth-watering snack easily found on the streets and markets of every city. These coconut-based pancakes, are a unique mix of sweet and savory flavors. The base for the snack is a batter made of rice flour and coconut milk, flavored perfectly with a bit of salt …


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Your top 4 Summer Visit in Thailand

Although we’ve hit the end of summer in Thailand and the rainy season seems to have begun its grip on Bangkok, the temperature still reaches 32-degree Celsius every day. Cold drinks and air conditioning may only go so far in keeping you cool but nothing is as refreshing as an escape from Bangkok for a …


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The Magical Benefits of Mangosteen

If Durian is the King of fruit, then Mangosteen is considered the Queen.  Mangosteen has a deep reddish-purple colored exterior when ripe and the inner flesh is white with a heavenly, juicy, sweet and slightly sour taste! Fruit lovers visiting  Thailand flock to try this amazing summer fruit found at most street and store vendors …


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TOP 6 DO’s When Travelling or Living in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country with a beautiful culture and best food (we are a bit biased:)! As well,  all nationalities are most welcome in this ‘Land of Smiles.’ This is one of the main reasons that foreigners fall in love with Thailand pretty easily. While you are here, you should keep in mind that …


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Guide Spotlight: Khun Jenny

We sat down with one of our newest guides, K. Jenny, and asked her a few questions to find out a little bit more about her! Where are you from originally? – U-Thong, Suphanburi How long have you been a guide? – Going on 2 months now! What do you like most about your job? …


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