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Beat the Summer Heat: Thai Sodas

Thailand is a hot country and roadside drink stalls are very common here. Before we talked about Beat the Summer heat with roadside ice-creams and its varieties. But in this blog post we will know about colorful Thai sodas which are widely available through the streets. Shingha Drinking Soda- it’s the main soda that’s usually …


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Guide Spotlight: Khun Pat

We sat down with one of our guides, K. Pat, and asked him a few questions to find out a little bit more about him! Where are you from originally? -Bangkok.   How long have you been a guide? -6 months.   What do you like most about your job? -Meeting new people and sharing …


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Lesser Known Fruits: Noina, Sala, La mut

Durian is often #1 on the list of strange fruits to try when visiting Thailand. In our previous blog posts, we’ve written about it and also other well-known fruits like Mangosteen and Mayongchit but today let’s focus more on fruits that you may never heard of! Noina (Custard apple): Noina or Custard Apple is available …


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Jay Fai – Thai Street Food (with a side of Michelin Star;)

We were curious…So, last week we finally made it out to try the one-and-only Raan Jay Fai – the Michelin-starred street food eatery in Bangkok. Jay Fai is the name of the owner and also the Chef, a 72 year old known for her iconic ski goggles and incredible skills and speed at the wok. …


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Thai Bamboo Salad- Soup nor mai

Soup nor mai, also known as spicy thai bamboo shoot salad, is quite rarely seen by foreigners visiting Thailand, but it’s a common Isaan (Northeastern) dish. This unique salad recipe originated in Laos. In Thailand, it is enjoyed warm, with sticky rice, similar to other Isaan dishes, such as Larb. Some choose to accompany each …


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How Thais Celebrate New Year

Every year Dec 31st is marked as a day of celebration across Thailand like other countries in the world. Thais love to celebrate the New Year Holiday and organize new year parties. It’s a fun day with friends and family, filled with eating, gift-giving and celebrating. Although Thailand has its own Thai New Year, the …


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Taste of Thailand Guide Spotlight: Khun Aoy

We have quite a good number of smart, hardworking and dedicated tour guides. These tour guides are the heart of any food tour business and they are the story tellers as well. Bangkok is a city of stories and to introduce each and every places with a good story is the unique identity of Taste …


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Photo Blog: Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a great historical world heritage site. The second Siamese capital, after Sukhothai, was once a prosperous Siamese trade and political center.  It was devastated by the Burmese invasion, but still draws a healthy crowd of tourists and locals alike, as the city is bursting with stories to tell, and great food to taste! …


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Sunday Sabai: Stories in the Garden

Last year, we inaugurated our My City Event Series with a lovely Dinner Under the Stars on a hidden rooftop above the traffic and chaos of our beloved Bangkok.  It was a beautiful, relaxing evening of good company and great food, accompanied by some of the best drinks and stories from locals invested in making …


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Delicious Thai Crepe: Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang, also known as Thai Crispy Pancakes or Thai Crepes is one of the most popular street snacks/sweet you will find in Thailand. This ancient Thai dessert is actually from the Ayutthaya period. These crepes look a bit like Mexican tacos (as some foreigners have noted!). Khanom Bueang’s cute little bites look simple but …


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What food should first-time visitors try?

On my way to home from office, I asked one passer-by about what she thinks about foreigners traveling to Thailand and what foods foreigners must try when they are here! What is your name? My name is Pranee Pookaew. Where are you from in Thailand? I am from Surin province, but now I live Chachoengsao. …


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Respect & Family Culture in Thailand

Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism, ancestral beliefs and spirits. As well, there are also some traditions or rituals that visitors may not know about in regards to how Thais behave in and around their families. Here are some: The Wai: The Wai is a customary Thai greeting.  It is traditionally given by a …


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Vendor Spotlight – Giulio Saverino : About Eatery

Vendor Details Name: Giulio Saverino Originally From: Torino, Italy Favorite Food: Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce For me, Bangkok in one word is: Interesting My Favorite Place in Bangkok is: The Riverside District Owner Giulio Saverino, a long-time expat in Bangkok opened About Eatery with the vision to provide high quality ingredients paired with …


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Thai Style: How we eat Rice!

Rice is a staple in the Asian diet.  It’s so central to the Thai cuisine, as well, that often people will feel out-of-sorts when they don’t consume rice for a few days!  It’s not just tasty and a great companion to most Thai dishes, it’s comfort food! To see a bit about different types of …


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The Jae Festival in Thailand

The Thai Vegetarian festival, locally known as the Jae Festival, is a nine-day vegetarian food festival celebrated all over Thailand. It is also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  Jae, is actually even more strict than straight-forward vegetarianism or veganism. Besides staying away from meat or animal products, pungent-odour vegetables are not used in …


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Taste of Thailand Guide Spotlight: Khun Katy

Tour guides are the heart of our food tour business and Taste of Thailand team love to give them a little love in our special Guide Spotlight blog series. Today’s blog we will introduce you to Khun Katy.   Where are you from originally? Chiang Rai- it is a city in Northern Thailand. It has …


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Is it good to eat spicy foods?

There are some common myths surrounding eating spicy foods, such as that they cause heartburn (which they don’t, though they may worsen it) or that they may give you ulcers. No need to listen to spicy myths, there’s a ton of research out there that points to spicy foods as having some great health benefits! …


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Cuisine Curious: Thai Fruit Seasoning Dips

Fruit vendors are a major mainstay of the street food culture here in Bangkok and all over Thailand.  The amazing array of tropical fruits available make it easy to grab them morning, day or night for a quick refreshing and healthy treat!  Often some of the longest lines for street food are for the fruit …


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Surprise Bangkok: Chalermla Park

So, last week, we took you to one of our favorite hidden spots, the canal walk near Hua Chang bridge (Saphan Hua Chang).  The graffiti writing there is fantastic! But guess what? There is another sister-spot right nearby which is also teaming with amazing graffiti artwork:  Chalermla Park. Renovated by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) …


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Surprise Bangkok: Hua Chang River Walk

Every so often, when walking, driving or speeding around Bangkok on a train, bus, car or even motorcycle, you may have come across a muddy looking canal running straight through the center of the city.  Now, there are many canals that do this, however, the Saen Saep canal is famous! It’s the one that always …


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